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Board Members

These are the folks that donate their time, hard work, and expertise to the Bennington Little League organization.

The Bennington Little League is operated by a Board of Directors consisting of 12-16 volunteer positions including four Officers (President, VP, Treasurer and Secretary).
The officers are supported by members holding one of 12 official positions ranging from Public Relations to Concession Manager to Field Maintenance.  Board seats are voted on annually following standard procedure set forth in the league by-laws.  A “Norshaft” Sub-Committee meets a few times annually to assist in the maintenance and oversight of the two remote field locations.   Meetings are open to the public and typically run once a month on average.  “Roberts Rules of Order” are loosely followed for voting and overall format.   The Park Street Property is owned and operated by the Board and has no obligation to or assistance from the Town of Bennington.  This allows for much freedom, but comes with more responsibility and financial burden.  The property was purchased by the original board sometime in the mid 1950’s.

Geoff Metcalfe


Todd Granger

Vice President

Todd Ordway


Zeb Miner


Mark Tibbetts

Player Agent

Derrick Tienken/Zeb Miner

AAA Division Representative

Paul Sobolowski/Jared Smith

AA Division Representative

Gary Nelson/Billy Rogers

A Division Representative

Todd Granger/Ken Volkmer

Instructional Division Representative

Paul Sobolowski

Safety Officer

Joe Maguire/Bill Hay

Field Maintenance

Todd Ordway

Concession Coordinator

Matt Maroney

Equipment Manager

Geoff Metcalfe/Billy Rogers/Todd Ordway

Public Relations

Todd Granger

Information Technology


All-Star Director

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