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Code of Conduct

As with any open-to-the-public event, there are certain guidelines that can be followed to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time at each and every game!
Certified service dogs for guests with disabilities are welcome at all Bennington Little League Complex. All other animals are prohibited.

Speed Limit 5 mph in roadways and parking lots while attending any Bennington Little League function. Watch for small children around parked cars.

No Alcohol allowed in any parking lot, field, or common areas within the Little League complex.

No SMOKING or Tobacco products of any kind (including spit tobacco) allowed in any common areas within the Bennington Little League complex.

No Playing in parking lots at any time.

No Playing on and around lawn/maintenance equipment.

No Profanity allowed in any parking lot, field, or common areas within complex.

No Swinging Bats or throwing baseballs at any time within the walkways and common areas of the complex.

No throwing balls against dugouts or against backstop.

No throwing rocks or climbing fences.

Only a player on the field and at bat, may swing a bat (Ages 5 – 12). NO ON DECK BATTERS!

Observe all posted signs. Players and spectators should be alert at all times for foul balls and errant throws.

During game, players must remain in the dugout area in an orderly fashion at all times.

After each game, each team must clean up trash in dugout and around stands.

All gates to the field must remain closed at all times.

After players have entered or left the playing field, gates should be closed and secured.

No children under age of 16 are to be permitted in the concession stand without prior permission.

Appropriate clothing should be worn at all times.  Men without shirts or women in bikini’s etc. will be asked to dress properly or leave the premises.

Failure to comply with the above may result in expulsion from the  Bennington Little League field or complex.

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