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Frequently Asked Questions

A complete list of our most-asked questions from parents and guardians.
When are registrations?
Registrations typically run during the month of February.  Dates will be advertised on this site once the dates and times are set each year.
How old does my child have to be to register?
Children league age 5 through 12 are eligible to register.
How much does it cost to register my child?
Registration cost is currently $75 for a single child with a $100 family maximum.
What is league age and when is the cut-off?
League age is your child’s age as of April 30th. Example: if your child turns 9 on May 1st, he/she will still be considered an 8 year old for the Little League season. This is true for All Stars as well. When tryouts occur, players are eligible for the division set for their league age.
What days will my child play?
Games and practices are held every day of the week, though some standardization is expected from division to division. Instructional plays one day a week, typically Tuesday or Thursday as well as Saturday mornings (9am). A Division plays Sundays and Wednesday except for the occasional night game on Saturday evening. AA and AAA Divisions typical play Tuesday or Thursday during the week and Saturday’s, also with night game exceptions for Friday or Saturday evenings.
What level and team will my child be on?
See league description for a better understanding of the four divisions offered at BLL. Once your child reaches age 9 player evaluations are required. At this point a review each players development is undertaken by the team managers and board members. Players ready to advance to the next division will do so, if deemed not ready for the next level the player will return to their team from the previous season. Teams are selected through a draft process to ensure equality in team skill levels.
Can my child be on a team with his friend?
As a general rule this is not possible except at the Instructional division. Due to the procedure for the draft and desire to maintain equality it is unknown whether your child will be with a friend. Requests are noted and relayed to managers during the draft, however, no guarantees are made. In the Instructional level teams are primarily selected by school or request as opposed to skill.
Will my child be on the same team as his sibling?
Siblings are placed together as long as they are eligible for the same division.
How long is the season?
The regular season begins typically in the last week of April and runs through the end of June. The All Star season begins during the first week of July and can run through August depending on how far the teams advance.
Why do I have to sell fundraiser tickets after paying for my child to play?
The cost to operate Bennington Little League is substantial. Registrations fees are set to assist with the cost of uniforms and general site maintenance. Team Sponsors donate to help maintain equipment and also assist with uniform costs. This, however, does not help the league improve its facility from year to year. Each season we work tirelessly to improve the experience for the players with things like scoreboards, batting cages and our new lights!  The fundraising campaign is an essential part of any not-for-profit organization.
Is the league owned and operated by the Town?
NO! Our league and property is privately owned and operated. In fact, no financial assistance is offered or requested from the Town on an annual basis. This is somewhat unusual as most league’s rely heavily on the town, therefore taxpayers, for fields and financial assistance. This gives us great freedom, though it means fundraising and volunteer help is that much more important.

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